Ever Wonder If You Could Kill What You Eat? We Did the Other Night

Topics: Kill, Omnivore, 241 Pages: 2 (729 words) Published: July 30, 2013
Ever Wonder if You Could Kill What You Eat? We Did the Other Night

We, as humans, have developed such a bizarre and uncomfortable relationship with non-human animals. In her short essay, Makenna Goodman describes how for dinner she had her guests come over and one had to kill a chicken for their meal. Goodman also discusses the efforts made by farmers to supply their families with farm-fresh food that has been prepared in an ethical way. Goodman introduces her article by sharing with us about her own life as a farmer and how it explains her opinion about killing what we eat. Indeed, for some people, the connection to the food that we eat is vital and offers explications on the backstory of what we consume. Goodman explains that living and working on a farm is a different way to live and think. Surely, farmers are often being judged for the idea of taking animals’ lives. “It’s not indulging in sadism, nor for power over an animal, nor an image of something hardcore to impress the neighbors” (Goodman 246). Goodman explains that killing animals such as chickens is only for the purpose of the food on the contrary of making them suffer. In fact, as everyone else, farmers do not especially enjoy killing animals but think it is emotional and ethical. Likewise, the author describes it as “being connected to the very foundations of self sufficiency, and understanding that meat does not simply fall from the sky” (Goodman 246). In reality, a lot of people don’t know or even think about the whole process of feeding themselves; which starts from the killing of those animals up until their meat ends up on a shelf at the supermarket. In addition, Goodman continues her explanation by talking about the farmer Joel Salatin’s thoughts. For Salatin, animals need to be treated correctly and live in their “ness” (Goodman 247). Moreover, Salatin explicates that most chicken producers send them to slaughter houses which could cause anxiety for the chickens....

Cited: Goodman, Makenna. “Ever Wonder if you Could Kill What You Eat? We Did the Other Night” Acting Out Culture: Reading and Writing 2nd edition. Ed. James S. Miller. Boston: Bedford/Saint Martin’s, 2011. 246-248.
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