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We aim to offer high quality products to our consumers by remaining the most technologically advanced company in our field. We strive to be brand leaders in all the categories that we compete in. We wish to have a substantial presence outside of Pakistan, through export and local manufacturing. MISSION

We strive to deliver to our consumers' consistent quality of products which maximize our values and customers satisfaction. We are extensively catering to the domestic markets and strengthening our roots in international ones.

We wish to consolidate and strengthen our position as the most technologically advanced company in our field. We recognized the importance of efficiency and creativity to achieve growth in a competitive environment. We believe and optimally combine our people, technology, management system and opportunities to achieve profitable growth while providing fair returns to our shareholders.

We realize our responsibility towards society and contribute to our environment as good corporate citizen.

The vision statement of Candyland shows the long term objective of the company. It clearly defines the benefit to consumers and focuses on maintaining the quality and becoming leaders in the confectionery industry. Also, it emphasizes on expanding its market to other countries. Hence, the company has a clear long term objective.

Moreover, the mission statement tells what the company does and what its objectives are. It has a clear mission statement which defines the company’s purpose and helps the stakeholders in understanding the company short term objectives. Also, the mission helps the employees in forming goals and strategies. The mission reflects the corporate philosophy, values and beliefs of the top managers in the organization. The company’s mission is well defined and it enables the employees to take appropriate decisions.

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