Canadian Lynx: Species Adaptation and Habitat

Topics: Hare, Leporidae, Snowshoe Hare Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: April 25, 2014
Section 1: Original Species Name & Habitat
• Canadian Lynx
Eats primarily snowshoe hares. Are hunted by Humans for their fur. Is mostly nocturnal Locations range from Alaska to Canada to parts of the Northern U.S Mostly cold snow covered areas with dense forests. Other animals in this habitat include Snowshoe hares, Birds, small rodents, deer, and other predators such as coyotes and bobcats

Section 2: Environmental Change
Changed from a cold snow covered area to a warm vegetated jungle/forest Due to Continental Drift Canada moved further away from the colder North and closer to the warmer Equator

Section 3: New Habitat
Warm temperatures ranging from 70-90 Degrees. Highly vegetated jungle/forest Now in a Jungle/Forest near the equator instead of a frozen tundra up north. Many plants and trees. Most of the animals from the previous environment are in the current habitat. The only animal that is not here is the Snowshoe Hare

Section 4: New Species Adaptations
One single layer of fur that is brownish green in color. Stronger leg bones with smaller less padded paws. Large sharp serrated fangs The single layer of fur is helpful because the climate is warmer so the Lynx no longer needs multiple layers of fur. The Lynx no longer needs white fur to blend in with snow it now needs to blend in with plants and trees which makes the new fur color an advantage. The stronger leg bones/smaller less padded paws are helpful because the Lynx no longer needs to use it's paws to tread through snow it needs them to run longer and faster to catch prey. The adapted fangs are a benefit because the Lynx now has to hunt larger prey such as deer so it needs to be able to bite into the prey as deep as possible and it needs to be able to cut up the meat into small pieces
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