Canadian Identity

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An Identity Statement
Belief in equality and fairness in a democratic society.
To summarize the belief in equality and fairness in a democratic society, everyone should be treated equally and shouldn’t have any special privileges. Canada is known to have a diverse ethnicity, and because people believe in equality and fairness, we make sure everyone is treated the same. One example of this value, is the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. It ensures that each Canadian, no matter what race he/she is, follows the rules and guidelines.
Belief in Consultation and Dialogue
Canada is known to be a country of peace, mainly because Canadians try to avoid violent situations and usually come up with solutions through a mature and peaceful manner which allows Canada to be protected. One example of this value is when two people are having a dispute and it’s taken to court, they follow the British system; innocent until proven guilty.
Belief in the Importance of accommodation and Tolerance
We have a huge variety of cultures/races and we accept each of them. Canadians should respect and consider the desires that others such as the Aboriginals, have because respecting individuality is one of the core values that keep Canada united and protected.
Support of Diversity
Canada was shape by many cultural impacts such as the Aboriginals who founded the land, the French/British explorers who influenced the legal/social system, and the railway that was built by the Chinese etc. Supporting diversity shows that each cultural/ethnic group in Canada is valued. Totem poles such as the ones in Stanley Park are examples of how we respect Aboriginal culture and art.
Compassion and Generosity
Canadians show compassion to each other, and are usually generous and kind to one another. Canada is known for accepting refugees from around the world and supporting those who have less than the average. Food banks here in Canada could be considered an example. Food banks are provided for the

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