Canadian History Since World War 1

Topics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ottoman Empire, World War I Pages: 2 (251 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Canadian History Since World War 1: Paragraph response

The first Moroccan crisis is one of the 3 crises, which contributed to the outbreak of

world war 1. This happened because France wanted to expand into morocco

but Germany did not want this to happen and hoped that if France intruded

Morocco it would destroy the English-French relationship between each other

But then when the Germans intruded Morocco which just made the French and the
Germans get closer together instead of father apart which made the military


The Austrian Annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the 2nd of the 3rd crises.

The Annexation crisis erupted in October 1908 . In april 1909 the “treaty or Berlin”

was read to accept change and to bring crisis to an end. The crisis permanently

damaged relationship between Austria-Hungary on one hand and Russia and Serbia

on the other. The attach and reactions of the change were contributing causes of the

World war 1

The Second Moroccan crisis is the 3rd of the 3rd crises.

The second major blow-up came fin the Balkans. Here the situation was so involved

as to make the affairs of North Africa look like child’s play. The complications arose

out of the deline of the ottomans empire, known these many years as “ the sick


of Europe” as turkeys power redid in the Balkan peninsula multisided wrangle

developed to see what would replace it. The indigenous Christian Balkan peoples

wished to be independent and go there separate ways
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