Canada's Contribution to the Allied War Effort During Wwii

Topics: World War II, Canadian Forces, Canada Pages: 4 (1371 words) Published: October 5, 2010
Canada’s Contribution to the Allied War Effort during WWII Canada, although not a superpower during the Second World War, made many contributions that greatly helped the Allied cause. Though major players such as Britain and the United States are often largely credited for the Allied Victory in WWII, the aid sent to these superpowers from countries such as Canada was instrumental in ensuring victory for the Allies. Canada’s military took part in important battles such as the Invasion of Italy and the Normandy Landing, and played host to Allied training camps such as the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Canada’s economic support was important for sustaining Britain throughout the war, and Canada made political and social changes to further support the war. Canada’s military, economic, social and political efforts contributed greatly to the Allied war effort. Economically, Canada’s role was vital. During the war, Canada adopted a “total war” policy, which meant that all resources in Canada were to be geared towards the war effort, to ensure victory. In April 1940, the Department of Munitions and Supplies was established, with the head, C.D. Howe given almost doctoral power. His job was to change Canada’s economy to best benefit the war effort. He convinced businesses to produce wartime products and established crown corporations. As a result factories were now retooling to make munitions such as bombs and bullets, and new factories were opening for this purpose. The automobile industry in Canada stopped making cars and started making tanks as well as other military vehicles. In total, Canada produced 815 729 military vehicles during WWII. In order to cut the consumption of food that could otherwise be exported to Allies and the forces, the government introduced food rationing. Canadian adults were only allowed 1 kg of meat, 220 g of sugar, 250 g of butter, and 115 g of coffee per week. During the Battle of the Atlantic, Canada quickly produced corvettes...
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