Can Norton antivirus detect worm’s virus?
Topics: Antivirus software, Computer virus, Norton Internet Security / Pages: 3 (612 words) / Published: Oct 29th, 2013

Can Norton antivirus detect worm’s virus?
Fadi M.S Al-suhimat

Recent Internet worm outbreaks have infected hundreds of thousands of Internet servers and user machines within minutes, causing billions of dollars in losses for businesses, governments, and service providers. The high stakes involved have inspired numerous research projects, through which industry and academic institutions are working to strengthen local-area and wide-area networked systems’ abilities to fend off cyber-attacks. To that end, we propose to find new algorithm to detect internet worm viruses deploying fast, scalable security overlay networks to facilitate high-speed intrusion detection and alert-information exchange by depend on failure connection. Fortifying the Internet infrastructure with such a solution could benefit many security-sensitive applications, such as digital government, critical infrastructures, grid computing, e-commerce, and law enforcement. The broader impacts are far reaching in science, education, business, and homeland security. Currently, the internet is getting close to the persons’ life. They login internet to chat with others, download files or browse Web Pages. The internet is also playing an important role in the economy of country. Once the internet breaks down, it will cause an enormous economic loss. Worms is a serious security threat that may cause network congestion and internet break down. Anti-virus software scans files regularly for unusual changes in a file size, programs that match the software's database of known viruses, suspicious email attachments, and other warning signs. Anti-virus compares the signature stored in its database with file structure. If the file contain same signature, so it is infected with the worm, the anti-virus will detect it. The anti-virus database must then be updated continuously to detect new worms. The internet worm is dangerous because it spread very fast and anti-virus are too slow to detect. Anti-virus

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