Can Man Triumph over Nature

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Looking back to history, it seems that man always fight against nature by means of learning the regular of nature, seeking for a way to shelter from disasters, even making use of the original power of nature in human beings’ favor. The opinion on “can man triumph over nature” are various from people to people. There is no denying that nature plays an essential part in human’s activities and makes great differences to us.

On one hand, someone consider in a proper way that man can triumph over nature, chances are that dated back to the times, man had conquered nature several times such as the We chuan earthquake happening in 2008 in the way of rebuilding the homes gathering all the strength together. What’s more, many tools have been designed to keep us out of hazards due to the highly developing technologies. On the other hand, it’s a belief that the forces of nature are powerful and we hardly have any ideas coping with such an unexpected problem. It’s feasible to hold out little hope that we have no capability of defeating the fierce power of nature faced with the volcanic explosion.

After a second thought, I take it for granted that man can’t triumph over nature all the way, however, what’s the most significant thing is how we can be harmonious with the nature and follow its rules for the purpose of the peaceful life we lead. If not, just as the old saying goes, deal with a man as he deals with you. As a result, we tend to be trapped into a vicious circle.
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