Should Hunting Be Allowed?

Topics: Science, Artificial life, Human rights Pages: 1 (381 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Every creature is given a right to be born once, an ability to leave offspring, and a right to die once. This is obvious. Some creatures have more abilities to survive than others, that is, they can adapt themselves to a variety of environments. Some creatures are destined to live longer lives than others. But basically each creature is equal in that it has been given only one life.

If modern technology, which deprived mankind of ‘animal instinct’, had not been introduced, we would have been currently living in the world where the weak are victims of the strong. The fact is, though, civilisation and culture which were created and developed by human being have destroyed the nature’s rule to a considerable degree. And human being is trying to dominate this world by making our own rules.

As one of those born in a human society and whose common sense was established by human education, I strongly believe that nobody has a right to kill other men. But if it is a universal truth, I would like to say that it is also the case with other animals because we are all given a life equally. However, it was after I got accustomed to the pleasure of eating meat and fish that I learned the animals’ lives are also precious.

Now to the main theme: Should hunting be allowed?
…I am not in a position to answer yes or no to the question. Considering the fact that “the law of the jungle” was contaminated by human law, I think everyone -not only mankind but all the animals- should live their lives peacefully. On the other hand, I literally eat a certain animals and think my life would be less satisfactory if I lost a chance to eat them.

What I am certain is that we should be consistent. If we insist “we should not kill caws”, we should not kill pigs. If we blame someone who eats rabbits, we should not eat duck. Of course everyone has their preference: we can choose what to eat and what to avoid for ourselves. But once we want to dominate other people by making a claim of...
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