Can Fast Food Be Healthy?

Topics: Fast food, Fast food restaurant, Nutrition Pages: 12 (5283 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Jake Angel
Mr. Adams
AP English Language and Composition
2 March 2012
Can Fast Food be Healthy?
Fast food has become a huge part of American culture and can affect us in our daily lives. Fast food is consumed by millions of American each and every day, which makes it important to determine whether the food is actually healthy. Almost everyone in America has had fast food at one point in their life making the knowledge of whether fast food is healthy or not relevant to everyone. While fast food has been prevalent in America for quite some time now, it is more controversial now than it has ever been before due to the processes in which the food is made and the problems it creates for an individual’s health. It will be impossible for me to ignore the fact that some fast food isn’t that great for you, but the overall criticism of the food is over exaggerated. Fast food restaurant chains offer a variety of different of different foods; some believe or not, are actually healthy. What I hope to prove is that the overall outrage against fast food restaurants is way over the top and that its effect on the health of most Americans is insignificant. Fast food in America has its advantages and disadvantages but I truly believe the benefits outweigh the problems involved. “Americans spend more money on fast food than on new cars, college education and software because fast food is so convenient”, (Frazier, “What are the benefits of Fast Foods?”). The fast food industry has brought many beneficial contributions to the American society, one of which is the fact that it allows those with busy schedules to get a quick, fast meal to go. “Fast food is now served at restaurants and drive-throughs, at stadiums, airports, zoos, high schools, elementary schools, and universities, on cruise ships, trains, and airplanes, at K-Marts, Wal-Marts, gas stations, and even at hospital cafeterias”, (Schlosser). A lot of times when people aren’t home and have to go from place to place they have to find some way to get fill themselves up, which is where fast food comes into play. “They offer quick meals for busy lifestyles that are so quick and convenient, you don't even have to get out of your car to get them”, (Frazier). Restaurant’s plan on having people wait less than a minute, resulting in people getting in and out of the fast food restaurant or drive thru line without waiting much at all (Frazier) . Say a parent is picking up one kid from their activity and has to take another one somewhere else and they don’t have time to go home, fast food provides a convenience so that they can eat without it conflicting with their schedules. This is also a helpful convenience for those people who have a busy day at work who have to cut their lunch break short, and need something quick to eat so they can get back to accomplishing their tasks. Fast food is also heavily present within airports as numerous amounts of people are usually waiting for their flights and need something quick to eat before they take off. This especially happens when there are flight delays and people are forced to spend a lot of time at airports, meaning that fast food is going to be the only option to eat. With the addition of the Drive Thru in the 1970’s the time it took to actually get fast food decreased even more so, allowing customers to get food without even getting out of the car. There is almost no other way to mimic the convenience that fast food provides to the general society of America. Almost everyone will have to eat fast food, due to its convenience, at some point in their lives when time is a problem. “Fast food and its consequences have become inescapable, regardless of whether you eat it twice a day, try to avoid it, or have never taken a single bite,”(Schlosser). This means that fast food has more than just an impact on people because of the food their eating, but also the cultural and economic impacts that it has on America. It is said the 44% of men...
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