Campair and Contrast Assay on Studies in Arts and Science

Topics: Science, Human, Social sciences Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: July 22, 2013
Uday J Vyas
Dr. Colbert Dennis
20th July 2013.
This assay compares and contrasts between two main fields of studies which are Arts stream and Science stream and reflects on similarities and distinguishing features of respective fields of studies. Both of these fields of studies have wide scope of learning through various branches. Arts offers literary arts, more often called literature – including poetry, novels and short stories among others and performing arts which includes music, dance, magic, theatre, films, painting etc. at the same time branches of science are commonly divided into three major groups first Social science which study human behavior and society, second is Natural science which deals with fundamental forces and biological life and third is Formal science which includes mathematics and logic. Both these fields of studies involve Research, observation and systemic inquiry in driving forces of human life. They are inspired by human life and give it meaning and comfort for example Arts thrive to search for meaning, truth and knowledge of human life and its dynamic nature to make culture, society and community in which human lives. And science through creating technical resources such as computer, transportation devices, and medical equipments makes it easier to live. Both of these fields involve critical thinking and originality of work for validity and reliability of it, which contributes in knowledge data base of human race about the world within them and outside of them. Both of these branches are searching and explaining the “cause and effect” relationship at some or other point of it existence. Apart from similarities, there are number of differences in both of these fields of studies like arts is abstract field as it involves more of imagination and free flow of thoughts in contrast of science in which there is concrete facts and stream line of thoughts which must correlate in one or other...
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