Camp Wahanowin Swot

Topics: Camping, Summer camp, Summer camps Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Internal Analysis:
Facilities: High end facilities which accommodate up to 450 campers at one time, located on a 150 acre plot of land with water access not too far from many of the clienteles homes while remaining in a secluded area. •Partnerships: Keeping a close relationship with their “sister camp,” Green Acres Day Camp allows them to offer accommodations to day campers and spread their name to the day campers segment at the same time. Their partnership with the Toronto District School Board and their music program, Music by the Lake, brings revenue and word-of-mouth advertising to the camp. •Management: Wahanowin has a strong management team coming from a variety of backgrounds, the university credentials of the team along with the range of skills and work experience are a big strength for the camps team. •Customers: Wahanowin has customers that not only come from within the GTA area, but also internationally from USA, Mexico, Israel, France, and England, providing a large clientele basis for the camp. Weaknesses:

Competitors: There is many other residential summer camps within a two hour drive from Wahanowin that offer different adventures luring customers away. There are also day camps which are less expensive but also offer some of the same activities and experiences which are increasing in popularity. Not to mention that there is a larger opportunity for children to travel in the summer now instead of going to camp. •Finance: Most of Wahanowin’s financing has come from the retained earnings of the company which are produced from the previous year’s profits. Not having any outside investors could be seen as a weakness to Wahanowins financial future.

External Analysis:
Natural: The summers are naturally getting longer and longer in North America as time goes by which provides more time for residential camping. Camp Wahanowin can capitalize on this opportunity by extending their summer camp season and...
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