Calyx and Corolla

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Target market Pages: 3 (660 words) Published: July 5, 2013
 Ruth Owades


 Ann Hayes Lee

o Marketing Head - Involved in selection of inventory and pricing o Strategist - Devised the catalog mailing plan

 Fran Wilson

o Creative Head - Created six catalogs per year o Responsible for Oversees merchandising development, marketing programs and indirect mail initiatives. o Operations - Created unique yet crucial systems; in charge of customer orders and service and day to day communications with growers, systems development o Finance and Accounting

 People Skills: Close collaborations with growers and Federal Express, leading to good relationships  Analytical/Entrepreneurial Skills: Identification of gaps in the market and identifying ways of filling this market gap  Well designed and thought-out delivery service ensuring quality and speed at the same time  Excellent relationship with a reliable distribution source like Fed-Ex  Exclusive Suppliers  Initial cost of setting up business is low

 No delivery on Sundays and other Public Holidays  Cannot cater to spontaneous needs. Needs time to deliver  High reliance on growers to make the bouquets which are given to customers  Penetration is limited to certain segments of the market

 Huge scope for targeting a wider audience  Increasing supply by targeting growers who have pledged the alliance to FTD and providing them with more lucrative offers  Expanding the business by offering Product Differentiation  To form collaborative mergers with other retailers

 Unpredictability of weather can be a major factor affecting the sales. This would entail both, geographic and seasonal roadblocks  Erratic demand patterns – how they affect the functioning of the company  Competition from Florists Telegraph Delivery (FTD), other start-up like “800-Flowers” and “Stillwater” and direct retailers and supermarkets  Major dependence on Federal Express ...
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