Caimito Decoction to Antiseptic Mouthwash

Topics: Mouthwash, Chrysophyllum cainito, Oral hygiene Pages: 3 (590 words) Published: August 24, 2013
“CAImito Leaves Decoction as Antiseptic Mouthwash”

Common problem of people orally are: bad breath, gum diseases and many more. It is usually prevented by brushing the teeth several times as prescribed, some uses mouthwash after they brush their teeth, some uses tongue scrapers to help clean their mouth and more. But as time passes and researches are done, companies have come up of an idea that helped them to sell more and let us people be more interested diseases which is adding flavours to their products particularly the mouthwash. Caimito has spread to the low lands of Central America and now grow in the tropics of Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. Provinces have grown trees and mostly one of them is Caimito. And now because of its sweet fruit that the citizens love it is now often cultured. If you thought that Caimito (Chrysophyllum cainito) is used only for its sweet fruit, you are wrong. Its leaves and barks are useful as its fruit by being herbals. Its decoction is or can be used as an alternative for high pricing mouthwash.

a.)To clean the mouth as an antiseptic mouthwash.
b.)Prevent inflammation within the gum areas.

a.)Antiseptic Mouthwash made with decoction of Caimito leaves and other chemicals.


4 ounces (120 ml) peppermint hydrosol (flower water)
4 ounces (120 ml) strong herbal infusion made with Caimito leaves decoction • 1 teaspoon (5 ml) thyme extract
2 teaspoons (10 ml) myrrh gum extract
5-10 drops 100% wild-crafted mint flavor extract


1.Mix all the ingredients together in a glass or a jar (as preferred). 2.Shake well to blend the ingredients together.
3.Best to store for about 24 hours before use.


Herbal mouthwash can be as effective as a chemical induced, factory produced mouthwashes.


Cherry Baay


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