vicco project for canada

Topics: Marketing, Demographics, Demography Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: October 13, 2013
Vicco can segment customer on various dimension
a) Demographics: By using this method customer is segmented on some demographic factor like age, income, sex, family size etc. -As vicco will launch product for different age groups like vicco junior for kids and teenager, vicco vajradanti for adults or normal users and vicco sugar free for senior and diabetic. SEGMENTATION ON THE BASIS OF AGE:

So from census report of Canada will help to identify potential market share in Canada. As chart depicts that there is chance of huge growth if any company target 65 and over group for its product, segment 15-64 is also not bad. Whether Percentage of age group between 0 to 14 is declining, so there is marginal scope of growth (Source:

Product size: may be differ on basis family size. For example vicco may launch 100gm for small family, 200 gm. for medium size family, and 300gm for large family Psychographics segmentation could be done the basis of taste, preference, values. Vicco need to prepare a questionnaire to know customer need and values by asking to fill the questionnaires, other methods is focus group, surveys, and observation method and depth interview. VICCO NICHE MARKETING STRATEGY:

Canadian people are not much aware about Ayurveda (an ancient method of dental care products), vicco has an opportunity to influence people to use such products which are produced using natural raw material (herbs and barks). Other side dental powder may become first choice of people who want fast and natural method to clean teeth.
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