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Caffeine Consumption

By maddieschierbeek May 09, 2014 355 Words
Caffeine and Coffee Consumption
Maddie Schierbeek
Psychology 7th block
Why do so many people, especially high school students consume so much caffeine? Perhaps 70-minute classes are too much to handle. Maybe the AP course load is overwhelming. Or perhaps problems at home cause a lack of sleep. Everyone has their reasons. On the other hand, there may be a scientific reasoning behind it. Caffeine highs are followed by caffeine lows. This cycle results in a need for caffeine: addiction. Researchers agree that regular caffeine use triggers a physical dependence, “a mild form of addction.” Although I'm a big believer in coffee and energy drinks, sometime caffeine can be intimidating.

Is it really possible that to suffer a serious health problem from caffeine? Research shows that people who consume excessive amounts of caffeine can experience insomnia (a sleeping disorder), seizures, dehydration, and increased breathing rate. Caffeine overdoses are real and result in hallucinations, psychosis, and even death.

Not only is there energy drinks and coffee, but there's caffeinated foods as well. Red Bull packs about 80 milligrams of caffiene, whereas coffee contains 179 mg. The difference? Caffeine is added to energy drinks and soda, but coffee naturally contains it. Coffee has no calories, fat, carbs, sodium or cholesterol. Additives, including sweeteners, syrups, and creamers, will cause the numbers to rise quickly, however.

Starbucks, a commonly known coffee shop, is famous for adding flavored syrup and creamer to their drinks. The additives make Starbucks drinks unhealthy, yet 64 percent of high school students have tried atleast one. I, being someone who gets Starbucks maybe three times a week, have noticed a change in my health. Although, it doesn't stop me from getting their drinks because of all the energy I'm given, it proves these studies true.

However, caffeine should not be feared. Human will ALWAYS consumer coffee, but they should be aware of how much there are putting in their bodies. After all there are serious health effects associated with too much consumption. Better time management, extra sleep, and stress control (which is really hard to manage as a high school student) will help students to stay fresh and alert.

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