Topics: Golf, 2008 PGA Championship, Jeev Milkha Singh Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Jake Law
March 20, 2013
English 102

“I feel as though the golfers were easier on me and they would act more professional around me by not swearing or spitting.” Jessica was a co-worker of mine last summer when I caddied at Dearborn Country Club. Jessica was the only female caddy at the country club. Jessica answered a number of questions for me over text. Most of the questions she was asked related to how her experience working as a caddy compared to mine. Since she was a woman working a predominately males job, the treatment she received, the physical stress she was put through, and her interest would all be different from mine or any other male caddies. The first series of questions Jessica answered were mostly concentrated on the treatment she received from the golfers and her co-workers. Jessica did admit that the golfers were easier on her and they would act different around her. She would go on to say that when she was in a group, all of the golfers would try to watch their language and refrain from doing things that are inappropriate like spitting. From my recollection, the golfers I caddied for did not care what came out of their mouths. This is not the first time golfers have clearly acted differently towards woman caddies, professional golfer Jeev Milkha Singh has been quoted saying “Sometimes when you get angry, and there’s a woman on the bag, you want to watch your language” when he was asked what it is like using a female caddy. (Morfit, 2008). One would think being treated differently just because of gender would bother Jessica. When asked if it does bother her, she said that she expected to be treated differently because she was one of a kind. She also went on to say that she believed that they treated her differently because they thought she needed the extra attention. Probably the most direct way of figuring out who was treated better would be who was getting paid more than who. Jessica said that she would make sixty dollars on...
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