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Cadbury World
Cadbury the confectionery company has a captivating history since 1824, especially how it behave, act and communicate within the society .This essay will also portrait health as one aspect of Cadbury`s social performance with regards to the society`s needs and also the impact upon two stakeholders, managers and consumers .Cadbury started business with a young Quaker, John Cadbury as a tea shop. John expanded the production line and cocoa essence was produced .Cadbury made huge success and stop selling tea and optimizing on chocolate production, and appointed a master confectioner and started producing their first milk chocolate.

This paragraph will mainly examine and critique a social company performance; health more precisely. Health is very important, even more in an organization as a healthy worker is said to be more effective and productive than an unhealthy one .Bean (2006) establishes a link between healthy employees in the workplace and employee performance. According to her , the results show an overall health improvement ,as well as morale , and productivity of the Cadbury staff after namely the Cadbury wellbeing program which seem to be a good incentive of the Cadbury management. This decent incentive tend to foster the workforce instead of looking in only one direction, that is profit making. And this has proven that the Cadbury management made a good management decision as the well-being program has contributed in the motivation of the staff who feel more involve and get necessary support and are now more fit and will even seek for additional responsibility in certain cases. Though at the end of the program 58% of the employees reduced or stop working and this will only be good for Cadbury as there will be less smoking break which therefore will increase productivity and also cause less health problems related to cigarette smoking, this also mean less sick leave due to health problem and insurance claim. During the program Cadbury CEO, Paul Kanas motto was “our priority is our employee`s health and well-being” this is a clear illustration of reason behind making the Cadbury well-being program.

Moreover, the United Kingdom for instance is the second most obese nation in the developed countries which has a double meaning, suggesting “you are what you eat.” It appears bad advertising for Cadbury market which is high in glucose and fats. The ministry of health suggest that eating more and more unbalanced diet will lead to serious health complications and also the more healthier someone eat, the more healthy he will be and will be highly productive and efficient for the organization .As mentioned by Redford (2005) £2bn is lost due to sickness absence that is insurance claims …and also poor nutrition signifies an 8% reduction in productivity as employees feel week as they lack sufficient nutrients and energy, people with unhealthy diets are absent 15% more than those with good ones namely due to visit to the doctor or surgical operation. Therefore nutrition is in direct relation with health and this highly influence corporate efficiency therefore managers might take a better attention to this factor before making a decision.

Furthermore, as an improvement to the well-being program, Cadbury is one of the first companies to engage a specialist employee support service, which gives counselling sessions, advices, and necessary information. Again to become even more closer to the employees, Cadbury innovated genuinely and instead of going elsewhere to solve their problems, the employees issues are resolved internally and Cadbury might identify threats or weaknesses and try to improve in those domain and media interference is avoided (as mentioned by Weekes).

On the other hand, it was found that there was a collection of dirt on egg collection, and this is quite unethical to market those kind of products to the general public .If the iron...

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