Cache Childcare Level 2 Unit 3 Assignment

Topics: Discrimination, Special education, Children Act 1989 Pages: 10 (3995 words) Published: May 1, 2012
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Children Act 1989
The Children Act focuses on the welfare of the child and stated that “the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration.” (Children Act 1989 In my setting the child is at the heart of everything to do with him/her. For example the setting plans outdoor activities in which they may play or do classroom related activities. The setting has to take in consideration the child’s safety through the environment, the activity planned, how the children will get there and the practitioner to child ratio. This piece of legislation links to the child protection policy, this policy ensures that all children in the setting are protected. The policy aims to protect the child by all means from confidentiality, photo/video, to bullying, suspected abuse and much more. It states the proper procedures to use with each area. EG the NSPCC child protection policy states that you should “report any concerns to the club child protection officer or the school (wherever the bullying is occurring).” (Child protection policy. This particular policy is regarding sports clubs but is very much the same with the schools themselves. The policy also states that you should “encourage and support the bully(ies) to change behaviour.” (Child protection policy This promotes a fair balance between help for the child being bullied and the child(ren) bullying him/her. Thus promoting fairness and equality between the children involved. Race Relations Act 1976

The Race Relations Act focuses on racial discrimination and states that “It is hereby declared that for the purposes of this Act segregating a person from other persons on racial grounds is treating him less favourably than they are treated.” ( This meaning that if someone purposely denies someone anything for skin colour is being racist and that is wrong in terms of society and this act. This is followed closely in schools and my setting in particular. The setting has to consider the child and plan activities that co-inside with the child’s needs. If the child is being bullied anti-discriminatory practise is needed and the practitioner should focus on doing activities that help stop the bullying. For example, the practitioner would do an activity about the child’s do an activity about the child’s culture/religion and help the class understand he/she is just like them but with the practitioner remembering that the child has his/her own individual needs too. A policy that this act links to would be the equal opportunities policy which states that all children should have the same opportunities in the setting and not be ignored for reasons of age, race, gender nor special need. The Welford and Wickham Primary School equal opportunities policy states that “the school follows the LEA and Governing Body Admission Policies that do not permit sex, race, colour, or disability to be used as criteria for admission.” ( Showing that all children should be welcome in all primary schools, not just Wickham.

Sex Discrimination Act 1975
The Sex Discrimination Act focuses on gender discrimination and section twenty two of the act states “it is unlawful for the ‘responsible body’ of an educational establishment to discriminate on the grounds of sex.” ( This meaning that schools and nurseries should not discriminate through gender, be it by gender stereotyping or not allowing a certain gender to do something. In schools that have to ensure that each activity is fair to both genders and allows everyone to take part in most if not all aspects of the activity. A policy in which links to this is the inclusion policy which is very similar to the equal opportunities policy and ensures that all children have the same quality of education as each other. The Brentfield Primary School inclusion policy states that “we...
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