Assessment One - Legislation+Regulatory Body

Topics: Childcare, Understanding, The Child Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Date: 28th March 2013

Part one of Assessment 1.1

4 Pieces of Legislation important for home-based childminding

1. Child Act (2004) – This is a vital and important piece of legislation as it ensures that all children are identified as being healthy, are safe, enjoy and achieve, make positive contribution and achieve economic well-being. These outcomes are achieved through various play activities e.g. dance, painting & reading, keeping children safe in the environment with the use of stair gates, keeping doors locked and secure and ensuring sharp objects are our of reach. Also ensuring that activities are made enjoyable yet contribute to the child learning and achieving at the same time.

2. Childcare Act (2006) – Finally this legislation is important as it introduced EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) to ensure that children are meeting the correct criteria needed to help and prepare children for school and life. This is done through play both indoor and outdoor, specific learning activities and constant talking to the child and answering questions children will have as best as possible in order the child to understand and learn.

3. Code of Practise for First Aid (1997) – This is also an important law as it makes sure that all persons wanting to be a registered childminder have the basic knowledge of First Aid before becoming registered. It is important that all childminders have knowledge and experience to know what to do in all situations no matter how big or small e.g. if a child falls and cuts their knee or if they fall and bag their head.

4. Reporting of injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) (1995) – Finally this is an important piece of legislations as it is law that certain accidents and incidents are reported and logged. This is so regular occurrences of illnesses and dangerous accidents specified by the law can be monitored and prevented if possible.

Part two of Assessment 1.1

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