Cache Childcare Level 2 Unit 1 Assignment

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CACHE Level 2 Award/Certificate/Diploma in Child Care and Education

Question 1
An example of a statutory provision for children under 5 years is a nursery. A nursery helps children learn to communicate, reach a certain level of independency and helps the children understand the stuff e.g. numbers, colours, fruits, animals etc. It also allows children to learn new things in a fun environment and at their own pace. A nursery helps to get children into a routine of a classroom. Nurseries often have designated times for different activities and helps the children learn the patience for sitting still and listening in a group.

An example of a statutory provision for children of 5-7 years would be a GP. A GP does regular checks to ensure the child is well and healthy. When visiting the GP the doctor would examine the child to make sure everything is how it should be, such as: the child’s weight, height, whether the child is feeding properly, ensure the child is making positive progress etc.

A private provision for children under 5 years would be a playgroup. A playgroup is quite different to a nursery but they still have their similarities. A nursery has to educate whereas a playgroup provides a social group, doesn’t have a strict structure and also doesn’t have a curriculum to follow.

A private provision for children aged 5-7 years would be after school clubs. The children can benefit from after school clubs because of the range of activities/services they can provide such as; many sporting activities, a safe environment, a chance to learn about their own interests and also to build on their social skills.

Question 2:
A midwife is a highly skilled, trained professional who provides advice and care for expectant mothers. A midwife organises and carries out tests and scans during the pregnancy to check mother and baby are healthy. She offers advice and support for the mother - to both her body and her feelings. From the onset of labour the midwife is present to assist and advise the course of the birth itself, from helping the mother through her contractions to delivering the baby. Once the baby has been born, the midwife will help the new mother to adjust. The midwife can advise and assist with her experiences of knowledge. Further support and guidance is provided for the mother by the midwife while she recovers from birth.

Question 3:
There are many ways on how to keep information safe. The two most effective ways are; to use a filing system if any information is only on paper. The papers should be stored in a locked filing cabinet or cupboard with a key that only the staff can use. If any information is stored electronically then it should always be password protected with a high security password and which will only be known by authorised personal. The most basic way is for staff and families to not gossip outside the setting about anything from their own information or information about the setting.

Every child has different needs whether it’s a disability or a medical issue there is always that chance of a child being slightly different in a way that they may need more help or assistance. For example; if a child is HIV positive no body needs to know this information. If they need medical help the first aider must always wear gloves regardless of what has happened. If the staff, children or family knew a child was HIV positive they may act different towards that child which is extremely unfair. Every one should be treated the same no matter what their condition may be.

There are many examples of when you should refer information about children and families to a professional in your setting. Two examples of common scenarios are; •If you notice an unusual mark on a child’s body or if they mention something on their own accord. In many cases, any unusual mark has a reasonable explanation such as; the child was running around their home, fell and bumped their...
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