Buy Nothing Day

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Giovanna Ferrel
A buy nothing day

In Canada on November 24 they hold a “Buy nothing day”. I agree with this, people are so easily consumed with new products they don’t need. For example, we go to fast food restaurants, when we have fridge full of food at home. We purchase the Newest IPhone, when we have the older one that works perfectly fine. Consumerism is causing more harm to the world than we are aware of.

People seem to forget, or ignore where these products they are purchasing are coming from. Take Nike for example, a multibillion dolor making company which uses child labor, children as young as ten working in shoe factories make little money. Another company would be Victoria Secret, who says they purchase fair trade cotton and forget to say an important fact that young children who work all day are picking this cotton and if they aren’t working fast enough, their boss will beat them. Child Labor is used to get a lot of these nice products we are purchasing. The buy nothing day would help protest purchasing these products and cause attention to how serious people are about child labor.

One fact that the “buy nothing day” page points out is the environment. About 20% of the world’s population is consuming 80% of the environments natural resources. This is causing damage to the environment, and is an unfair distribution to the rest of the world. Also from all these factories constantly working, they cause pollution, which is damaging the earth.

On a day where no one would buy anything media would cover this and it would be a perfect time to point out terrible acts of these companies, protest how badly it is affecting the economy. It may be hard but it’s on a holiday when most people are at home anyways on a holiday. A day like this would be hard to accomplish for some people. But we should all keep looking at the bigger picture.
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