Topics: Malaysia, Economics, Kelantan Pages: 3 (876 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Based on the task given we are required to do some research about the micro, macro and the internal environment of the local company in Malaysian. So we in the group of six people had done some research in MYDIN HOLDING BERHAD. Which is the company are founded by Mr. Gulam Hussein Jamal, father to Mr. Mydin until the world war two. After the incident of World War Two, Mydin Mohammed the second son of the Ghulam Hussein with his own efforts had added his own saving to save company and try so hard to save the business become successful in now days. In 1987, Mydin Mohammed had given the authority of the power in Mydin Company toward his second son. In the present, the Mydin Holding Berhad had been organized by Dato’ Ameer Ali Mydin, the second’s son to Mydin Mohammed. The company has been struggling for nearly five decades, before achieving success is in the present. The attractive thing made us to do some research toward the company it’s because the spirit of the Mydin family builds among the members. They never give up toward achieving the goals and never mixtures the personal matter and the company matters together. They always looking for the cash and profit that are followed the Syariah that teach in Islam. The micro, macro and internal environment of the company are very interesting to be known by the public. Especially the new comers, who are new in the business of wholesaling or any market scope in Malaysian. Such of the macro was social culture, political forces, economics, and technology. In the micro they are coming with other stakeholders, customers, competitors, suppliers and intermediaries . However, in the internal environment will come out with the production, research and development, marketing, financial, and personal. All of these types are bringing the new thing and good thing toward the company and the public for sure. In this end of the assignment you will be able to make some differ through all three element of environment in...
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