BUSN 412 Wk2 In the News

Topics: Automobile, Ford Motor Company, Vehicle, Continent / Pages: 1 (405 words) / Published: Jun 21st, 2015
For this week two paper I will be using resource based view (pg. 93–102) found in the textbook. My research is on the news about Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company is a producer of motor vehicles. The Company composed of other subsidiaries practices in the industry in order to stay competitive within the market, one such example is financing vehicles. The organization functions in two segments: motor vehicles and financial Services. The competitive edge ford aim for in the automotive world focus on North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa as well as pacific Asia. Example of type of financial services the company provides is the Ford Motor Credit. Ford manufactures and allocates motor vehicles across six continents. The company motor vehicle brands consist of Ford and Lincoln as a more luxury class. The company as a whole understand its strengths and also what to focus on, as auto sales jumped in the last year for the S.U.V.s and Pickups brands. The company understand its weakness as well against other competitors as the past 5 years before 2014 Ford reports low income, due to lack of sales as the economy fight to rebuild and high gas prices. Ford also understand treats toward bad manufacturing, if you remember the malfunction within one of their releases when the car would suddenly accelerate on its own losing control over steering. Forcing Ford to recalls nearly six hundred thousand of their motor vehicles.
The company is well knowledgeable toward opportunity. Based on my research Ford was reported to have spent well over two point five billion dollars in order to expand in Mexico. The expansion geared toward engine plant in effort to build a new gasoline engine that will easily be exported to the United States, Canada, South America and Asia due to the location of northern state of Chihuahua where transportation would be advantageous. In conclusion Ford is a company who understand how to stay competitive within the

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