Business Strategy: Arvind Eye Care System

Topics: Blindness, Eye, Hospital Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: March 16, 2015
Q1) Can you identify the key factors that led to Aravind’s success? Ans: To do the treatment for free for the patients. The other main factor is to manage the finance of the eye care hospital. To handle the customers properly and to give them free transportation and meals facility Aravind has used aggressive community outreach to reach patients, reduce costs, and realize economies of scale. Another key factor contributing to Aravind’s success is its focus on training its workforce in the “Aravind way” and instilling its mission and culture throughout all levels of the organization.The major strategy of Dr.V is to take care of the rural population where the competition is very less and being an untapped market will generate maximum profit from customers. Q2) What has Dr V’s role been in all this?

Ans: He developed major marketing and surgical procedures resembling to the assembly line in order to cure 12million blind people in India. He also came up with many eye camps in various parts of country to help eradicate blindness and cataract. From the total revenue generated he dedicated one third of its part to two third of its patients treatment. Dr. V also helped the eye hospital to expand in southern part of country like Coimbatore, Salem, and Pondicherry right from 1977 to 2003. Dr. V’s role is to keep the organization vision and mission alignment. He was also the founder of the first hospital (Aravind) in 1976. Dr. V. ideas also incentivize family and community to work with or participate at the project. Support Staff role: The support staff plays a pivotal role in the project. By allowing to work at lower wages and by working aligned with the mission of the organization they help keeping productivity and motivation high and costs low.

Q3) How do you evaluate the quality of service at the free hospital and the paying hospital? Ans: Both the sections were same in few in some terms and different in some other terms. Free hospitals have unpaid services whereas...
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