Business Research Methods Db 1

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Group 2 Discussion Board 1
1. Discuss key issues and concerns arising from the fact that you, the manager, are also the researcher. In conducting a research study to estimate the sales potential of outboard engines within the U.S. and Canadian retail market, there are key issues and concerns that may arise from being both the manager and the researcher. Those matters of contention are a question of experience as a researcher, validity and reliability of the research, objectivity of the research with the possibility of bias, confliction of management roles and researcher roles with the possibility of money and time management confliction (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). As a sales manager, strategic business awareness of the outboard engine industry is critical to management success. Being an internal stakeholder can give an advantage of what strategic approach could work best for the company. Due to this internal knowledge and industry experience, it is an easy task to define what research is required. Cooper and Schindler state that the problem “should be clearly defined and sharply delineated in terms as unambiguous as possible” (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, p. 13). However, limited business research experience could easily be questioned. Managers possessing these research skills will be able to distinguish the depth of research that has been completed and whether or not it is enough to make an informed decision; especially when the focus is expanding the company’s products domestically. (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). As a manager and researcher, one must know what constitutes good, reliable research. One must ensure the purpose of the research is clearly defined; ensure the research is completely detailed; ensure the research design is thoroughly planned; ensure that high ethical standards are applied; ensure all limitations are frankly revealed within the research; ensure adequate analyzing of data occurs; ensure findings are presented unambiguously; ensure conclusions are justified; and ensure that previous research experience has been reflected. (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, p pp. 13-15) If these characteristics are not fully followed, or ignored, it would increase management decision risks. Thus, experience in business research is a key concern. (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, p. 13). As the area sales manager, consideration and comparison of the advantages and possible disadvantages in estimating the sales potential of the company’s products in the domestic market would be in the forefront of assessing tactics and strategies in the increasing of the return of investment of the company. Thus, as the sales manager one could easily rush into utilizing general market data about possible customers and other competitive products and competitors, whereas the information could be limited for a critical management decision. As manager, one could lose focus in the real task ahead and influence the decision based on past experiences, and not on valid research. Thus, the validity and reliability of the research would be in question. (Cooper & Schindler, 2011, p. 13). Objectivity and impartiality would be a major concern in the role of the manager as the researcher. As the sales manager, loyalty may conflict with truth. There is a chance of bias especially in showing the high potential for sales of the company in comparison to competitors. As the manager acting as the researcher, additional steps would have to be taken to ascertain the validity of perception of the domestic sales’ assessment and to ensure accuracy. This concern connects to knowing what good research is and ensuring it is followed through thoroughly. On the other hand, an outside researcher presents only what is strictly supported by research, which may show a lower potential for sales. Ethical standards are paramount in being objective as both the manager and the researcher. The researcher is able to deal with the research with a more...

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