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The BPO industry is undoubtedly considered as one of the biggest fields of employment in India and stands number two worldwide after Philippines. However, it is facing a phenomenal increase in attrition rate which is the biggest challenge. The current attrition rate is 55 %. (Source: 13 Oct, 2011, The Financial Express) as compared to the last year of 51%. Nasscom, in a report said that that the outsourcing industry is expected to face a shortage of 2, 62,000 professionals by 2012. This is owing to the fact that retaining manpower at mid and senior management levels, where there is a visible significant movement has become quiet challenging. The another interesting feature of this industry in that as the industry moves up and become a full scale BPO player, attrition rate will further decreases. In the study released by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India claimed that the high attrition is due to bad working hours and a perceived lack of long term growth. In this paper an attempt is being made to build a model which contributes to high attrition rate.

1. Introduction

* C – segment market sales have shown growth from 30944 units in July 2011 to 37816 units in September 2011. Ford sold 2300 units in September, 1653 units of Fiesta Classic as compared to 647 units of new Ford Fiesta. * The new Ford Fiesta sales declined by 130+ units (Source: Team BHP) * Ford, still perceived as the American car manufacturer, shows low sales for the new Ford Fiesta lesser than even the new entrant Sunny by Nissan. * However, when it comes to performance, Ford remains high on value which can be seen by Figo being ranked consistent in performance for the third month in a row. 2. Research Objectives

* Identify the total cost of ownership factors which influence car-buyers

3. Theoretical Framework.

The proposed theoretical framework is as under

4. Research Hypotheses

* H1: Men are more intended to leave the organization.
* H2: The intention to leave will not be the same for different educational levels of each group of employees. * H3: The intention to leave will not be the same for different age group levels of employees. * H4:As fair remuneration decreases, intention to leave increases * H5:As stagnation increases, intention to leave increases * H6: As the shifts is more inconvenient, intention to leave increases. * H7: More the autonomy less is the intention to leave.

* H8:As the dissatisfaction is more, intention to leave increases

5. Methodology

The data collection method used is Questionnaire as it is free from the bias of the interviewer. In this case the respondents have adequate time to think and reply. This method is convenient as those respondents who are not easily approachable can be reached conveniently. It was mailed to the respondents who were expected to read & understand the questions and write down the reply in the space meant for the purpose. Respondents are the employees of various BPO’s and a sample size of 55 is collected by convenience sampling.

6. Data Analysis

Research Hypothesis1:
Ho: There will no difference between men and women in their intentions to leave the organization H1: Men are more intended to leave the organization.

Conclusion: The research hypothesis cannot be substantiated as the p value of the test statistics is 0.81>05%. (Refer table 1.1 &1.2)

Research Hypothesis2:
Ho: The intention to leave will be the same irrespective of the four educational levels of each group of employees. H1: The intention to leave will not be the same for different educational levels of each group of employees.

Conclusion: Since the p value (.006) is less than .05 therefore, the research hypothesis is substantiated and it can be concluded that the intention to leave differs among different educational levels. (Refer table 2)

Research Hypothesis 3:
Ho: The...
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