Business Plan for Ballon Halls

Topics: Sport, Sports club, Marketing Pages: 16 (4593 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Executive summary:
Aksent Sports is a company that implements a wide variety of sport equipment into one object, to offer people who enjoy to play sports an enclosed area to do so. This company wants to invest in the new project known as “Aksent” sport centre. This type of sport centre is known as a “balloon hall” because the construction of this centre looks like a large balloon. Today, it is possible to build these types of objects by hiring an engineering company to project one to the specifications needed of one company. The amount of time needed to build and prepare this object to be fully functional is one month after the building permit is received.

The area inside the balloon has a sport court that was engineered to be able to be used for a variety of sports. The sports that can be played at the Aksent Sports Centre are futsal, basketball, volleyball and handball. The entrepreneurs and investors who have recognized and realized the potential of this company have been rewarded with great return on investment. The return on investment is approximately six months. This is because the start up investment is the most expensive as equipment, land and other expenses are highest at start up. After this time, the expenses are minimal and profits are large.

By conducting research on the potential market, Aksent Sports has concluded that there are a variety of target markets within the targeted segment. It is extremely important to efficiently and effectively target these groups in order to maintain a fully booked schedule at the sports centre, thus allowing for profits. The target markets are: - sport clubs with youth teams

- company sport teams
- university sport teams
- people who are seeking a healthy lifestyle through recreation These segments are able to be targeted through the implementation of an effective marketing plan that outlines specific strategies to market to each of the target market segments. Through research, we have concluded that current available sport centres that are offered to the public do not effectively position and market themselves to the public. This is a main opportunity that Aksent Sports has, as it is keen to perfect its marketing strategy.

The location of our sport centre is in New Belgrade, on the corner of Ganijeva and Evropska Street, a densely populated area with a great mix of the target markets. In addition, this area has great public transportation lines that surround the sport centre. Aksent Sport Centre has set the following goals and objectives to be achieved within the next three years: - to have an occupancy rate of 90% in the sport centre

- high customer satisfaction
- creating a loyal relationship that is mutual with customers

Therefore the Aksent Sport Centre highly values its customers and their satisfaction is the main focus of the company. In conclusion, the marketing plan as a whole along with the newest sport technology being implemented in the sport centre, the Aksent Sport Centre is bound to have a bright and prosperous future.

Business description:
Serbia is world wide known as a country that produced many top athletes and champions. So, from this point we can see that people in Serbia have certain love for sports and competition. They have desire to do sports, to run away from fast style of life, problems and relax doing the sports. Unfortunately, Serbia has a shortage of high-quality sport courts where people can play their favourite sports. Only places where they can have that service are halls, many of them are obsolete and they are very expensive and only reach clubs and people can afford them this service. So, market has a need for this type of service because of things I mentioned above, development of modern society, sport style of life. So entrepreneurs who have realized that they have chance and available technology to build sport centres known as “balloon halls”. This type of hall is unique building system, which has great...
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