Business Plan

Topics: Marketing, Food, Target market Pages: 11 (2492 words) Published: February 26, 2013

Restaurant and Lounge

Nabeena Nusrath

Opposite Lamcy Plaza,
Al Attar Building
Tel: 3369199


The Business Plan for a modern take of a restaurant cum lounge Concept
The Hide Out is a business concept based on providing quality entertainment and fine dining experience to people wanting to have the luxury of catching up with friends and family under one roof.  The Hide Out Lounge offers its customers a variety of international mouth-watering cuisine with high quality service offered at their very own cabin. In addition they also have freedom to choose from the latest selection of movies and games for their entertainment. The area is need of a warm and friendly place with excellent food. A place where you always know you will get the best of everything. Hide Out Lounge featuring the cozy dining cabins and an elegant lounge, a perfect place to stop in for a bite to eat, drink or for a simple hang out. Provided with huge varieties of mocktails, coffee, tea, juice, and Hide Out Lounge’s blissful appetizers. Intention of this Hide Out is to attract the interest of a regular loyal customer base. A friendly and relaxed service will be provided to the customers. We aim to hire the best people available by training and motivating them through this we will make sure they know " customers satisfaction" is the utter most important, thereby retaining the friendliest most efficient team of staff possible. 

The service will be relaxed and very friendly. We will hire the best people available by training, motivating and encourage them, and thereby retaining the friendliest most efficient staff possible.

Our management team is comprised of individuals whose backgrounds consist of years experience in food, restaurant and hotel, catering, management, finance and marketing. We will use the highest quality equipment and ingredients to deliver a noticeable superior product. As the restaurant is located in an area where there isn't a lot of competition around, but existing businesses could use the concept and expand their business. The Hide Out is going to attract more consumers because something new has been initiated that offers exactly what customers need i.e. better quality food served at your personal cabins and an elegant lounge to relax with your friends.

We offer a variety of mocktails, coffee, tea, and other beverages. Our staff will be well trained, motivated and encourage to perform their job well, thereby this will help retain staff's efficiency.

We have a management team of individuals with backgrounds consisting years of experience in food, restaurant and hotel, catering, management, finance and marketing. We will make sure that we use the highest quality equipment and ingredients to deliver an appreciable superior service. Our aspiration is to attract customers from the same market niche, but with a funky theme. Company success lies behind the employee welfare and their wellbeing. A fair and utmost respectful treatment will be provided to everyone.

About the company
Hide Out Lounge is a unique and modern concept introduced into the Middle East. It is an ideal place to catch up with family and friends over divine food and entertainment such as wide selection of movies, games and not to forget the Karaoke that will bring the memories of 1980s in a cozy ambience. The complete business aim is serving the customers in an ambience of comfort and offer delicious choices in appetizers and main course.

Company objective
The objective of this restaurant is to fill the market gap for those people that want to catch up over to dine; it will enable people to experience a different society. The Hide Out Lounge has its own private cabins to offer its customers to ensure that their privacy is not compromised on as well as they enjoy in a comfort zone.

Start- up Summary
Hide Out Lounge is a start up company,...
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