Business Law Case Study

Topics: Contract, Breach of contract, Consumer protection Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: December 30, 2012
Case Lets

ABC and co was partnership firm which had dealership of Scooters Company ltd, bought a second hand scooter from Mr. B. ABC and co reconditioned and repaired the scooter. And sold it to Mr. A for Rs 50,000. ABC and co told Mr. A that the scooter is a new scooter. Is Mr. A a consumer? And does he have any remedy under consumer protection act

Mr. Q was going abroad for a business trip for two months. He wanted to give a power of attorney to his friend. Hence Mr. Q sent the Power of attorney in a PDF form through an Email. Is this power of attorney valid?

White Detergents ltd was a leading detergent brand in the market. Super white ltd another brand came out with an advertisement stating that super white ltd was the best brand in the country. The advertisement had a sentence, that “super white is always better than White”. White detergents objected to the statement, are they justified.

Mr B agrees to import a product from a country A. War breaks out between country A and Mr. B ‘s country. The product is banned in Mr B’s country. Is the contract Valid?

There is an agreement between Company A and Company B in which B co ltd is appointed as an agent of company A. One of the clauses in the agreement mentioned that the agreement is not binding and shall not be subjected to any jurisdiction. Is this contract valid?

Rose and co VS Crompton bros

A employs B as manager of his factory for a term of three years at a monthly salary of Rs 3,000. Without any lapse on the part of B, A dismisses him after two years of service. B could not get an alternate job elsewhere and files a suit for damages for breach of contract against A. Will he succeed? If yes, assess the amount of damages recoverable by him.

An agent refused to hand over the account books of the business to the new agent sent in his place, unless the principal released him from all liabilities. The principal had to give a release deed as demanded. Analyse

A, who is trying to...
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