Business Feasibility Study— Seventh Heaven Café

Topics: Coffee, Marketing, Income statement Pages: 4 (1427 words) Published: March 20, 2012
Business Feasibility Study— Seventh Heaven Café

Executive summary
Seventh Heaven Café is not only a coffee shop, or rather a place for relaxation. It sells different kinds of coffee, desserts, books and flowers. Customers bring them back or just enjoy them in my shop. Besides, I am good at dealing with problems of Organizational Behavior. I also have great expertise in human psychology and marketing. Therefore, I have the abilities to operate this shop. Seventh Heaven Café targets at white collar community and some companies which need flowers to decorate the site of activities. Therefore, it is located at the street corner with elegant environment near transnational commercial corporations in Suzhou. Seventh Heaven has to confront or avoid a number of threats, especially some strong competitors, such as Starbucks, UBC Coffee and DIO Café. However my shop has powerful competitive advantages to face the challenges. Additionally, our market-oriented mission is “make people happy and relaxed in the Seventh Heaven Café by provide delicious coffee, warm fragrant memories and dreams from books.” The primary finance objectives are to get first-year sales revenue of 1 million yuan, and break even early at least achieve 3 million RMB in second year. After on track, shop scale and economic benefits will increase year by year. To achieve this goal, we should make sustaining efforts on marketing strategies, such as promotion strategy and price strategy. This new combination coffee shop will be successful and this business idea is worth pursuing.

Section 1: Personal Skills, Qualities and Experience
I have obtained an MBA degree from the Liverpool University five years ago. After that, I have worked in a local company for four years. Then I came back to my country and planned to do pioneering work. So I have some basic abilities and work experience to operate this coffee shop. I have learned many useful skills and valuable knowledge from university. Firstly,...
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