Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

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I. CSR practices by Maruti Suzuki & Maytas Infra ltd.

A) CSR by Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Employee welfare

Company will be deeply committed towards the welfare of its employees, their families and communities around its operations to improve quality of life as a whole.

Practicing 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle)  
The company has been promoting 3R since its inception. As a result the company has not only been able to recycle 100% of treated waste water but also reduced fresh water consumption. The company has implemented rain water harvesting to recharge the aquifers. Also, recyclable packing for bought out components is being actively promoted.  

Greening of Supply Chain
The company has been facilitating implementation of Environment Management System (EMS) at its suppliers' end. Regular training programs are conducted for all the suppliers on EMS. Surveys are conducted to assess the vendors who need more guidance. The systems and the environmental performance of suppliers are audited.           

Adopting energy saving technologies  
While the company continuous to improve energy saving initiatives through numerous Kaizens (continuous improvements) on the shop floor, thrust on adopting energy saving technologies has increased phenomenally.  

Three-coat-one-bake painting system: The Company introduced the three-coat one-bake system at its Manesar facilities.  
In this state of the art painting system, three wet-on-wet coats are applied and baked together. Conventional painting systems use two baking steps before the final finish. This helps is lower energy consumption and yet improving the productivity levels. The green co-efficient of this system is much better than the conventional system.

Road Safety

The company has been playing a leading role for many years now in promoting road safety and safe driving in the country. The company believes that in addition to fund support, one of the best ways for corporate to fulfil their social responsibility is by offering their managerial skills to society.  

In line with this, the company manages two Institutes of Driving Training & Research (IDTR) in Delhi and Maruti Driving Schools across country. Through these facilities, the company has brought international standards in driving training and state of the art training infrastructure in the country.   

The first major step towards promoting road safety was in the year 2000 when Delhi Government invited the company to manage the Institute of Driving Training and Research (IDTR) and start driving training courses. The company introduced training facilities and infrastructure including world-class driving test tracks, advanced computer simulators and training modules as per international standards at the institute, which is spread over an area of 14.5 acres. Regular research in road safety and safe driving was also started at the institute. In 2006, the second IDTR was set up to promote road safety by primarily targeting non-commercial drivers and impart driving training to them. This institute is also equipped with the same facilities and infrastructure as made available in the first IDTR.            

Maruti Driving Schools  
The company has also involved its dealers across the country in promoting road safety and safe driving. In collaboration with them, the company has set up 43 Maruti Driving Schools in 38 different locations across the country. These schools are equipped with world class, state of the art driving simulators offer training courses for beginners as well as refresher programs. Over 41,500 people have trained so far.  

Company will be deeply committed towards the welfare of its employees, their families and communities around its operations to improve quality of life as a whole.

B) CSR by Maytas Infra Ltd.

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