Business Ethics Across Cultural Article Review

Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Applied ethics Pages: 4 (1367 words) Published: May 28, 2012
Business Ethics across Cultural Article Review

The research conducted for and in these articles is to display the emphasis on the integration of business ethics and the study of its importance in foreign countries. The ethics of Western Europe, Continental Europe, and Japan differ greatly from those of the United States. They do not seem to place as much emphasis on the mindset and the appearance of the mere implementation of these business ethics. Based on these writings, these countries appear to be much stricter in their implementation and day-to-day practicing of these ethics which are to help govern law. Ethics work hand-in-hand with these laws that are meant to help the innocent not fall victim to various forms of deceit practiced by businesses every day before social responsibility became a tried and true responsibility. In this paper I will discuss Wal-Mart and their entrance into the China market. It's been a tricky ride for Wal-Mart. The customer's buying habits are totally different than the typical American. The political and governing climate is also a unique challenge. A strong, centralized, regulatory government makes many of Wal-Mart's traditional business tactics hard to pull off. The first Article that I read is titled Business Ethics in China. In this article the author talked about how China is open to considering the ethical issues as they want to be global players. The Chinese are aware of some of their own corrupt business practices such as favoring family and cronies. Because the Chinese are doing so well and is such an economic powerhouse, any ethical rules that they set in place will have an impact on the entire world. Chinese frown upon double standards when it comes to criticism of their county by companies that flaunt their own ethical issues. So when doing business with the Chinese, they must set up the code of ethics. The next article reviewed for the Business Ethics across Cultures article review was about...
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