Business Decision Making

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A lots of studies shows how IT system works as a enabler rather the just being used as a tool to implement in business Organizations [(Davenport, 1993), {Childe et al. (1994)}] etc. Information technology is an integral part of today’s business organizations and it’s hard not to think about the effect it has for those organizations who are working with new product development such as ours. The author of this research will have a survey and discussion with all the people who works at any management level such as strategic, tactical and operational management and will analyze the feedback on the survey about the new integrated IT system they want to install.

The chart was taken from
The above chart shows the three level of management system our company has and gives a general idea about what they do within the company such as policy, procedure and execution. The information system that our firm uses at the moment is have different classified level such as level 2, 3 and 4 because of the mature of our business. The employees who have a level 2 access they cannot go for any classified level 3 or 4 information. The executives and directors who are in the strategic level can access any information within the company as they have the high level of clearance. On the other hand, the employees who works in the tactical management level can access the information of the operational level but not the strategic level. The way the information technology relates to our firm is shown in the chart below, Business Process Simulation


Information System modeling

Computer Network Simulation

Most of the time our organizational policies, goals, new strategies, objectives, vision etc. comes from the strategic level as that’s the place for the executives and Directors. The other factor on this level is our companies’ objectives and vision can change if it’s only depending on the market condition. So, it is necessary for our firm to have the right IT system which is up to date and easy to use. The semi structured management level in our organization is known as tactical management, where our managers work with the business professionals as a self directed team. To get the accurate reporting process which is up to date our tactical management level uses the decision support system. (James and Marakas, 2012) In our organization the managers who look for progression on a weekly or daily basis are known as operational managers. The management intermediaries (Terry Joseph Busch, 2011) are liable for the work that supposed to be done on a daily or weekly basis using the management information system (MIS) as they have report it to the tactical level. (James and Marakas, 2012) Methodology

The author will use his rational and creative thinking in order to achieve the primary and secondary data in such a way which will help him later on to implement. (Rothberg, 2004). The researcher will use a survey to get the primary information out of the employees and employers. To get the feedback from the customers the author will use a different set of questionnaire as well as different marketing techniques. As it is not possible to supply the questionnaire to everyone the author will use the online survey as well as the goal is to get as many responses as he can. The author wishes to sit down with different management level representatives and wants to know about their viewpoint as well. The researcher will use internet, journals, and books as a source to get the third party information that...
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