Business Continuity Plan: The 911 for Businesses

Topics: Business continuity planning, Management, Implementation Pages: 3 (759 words) Published: October 27, 2014
The Business Continuity Plan: The 911 for the Business
Business Continuity Planning: Explain how components of the business infrastructure are included in a business continuity plan. Discuss the processes of planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance in developing this plan.

For a business to successfully grow and prosper, it is important the business continues without any interruptions and delays in the business process, because has we have seen in the past any disruptions in any part of the business, be it production line or supply of raw materials, causes the business in time, money and customers. It is important to have a BCP or Business continuity plan or planning to keep the business going. Most essential is that in every step of the BCP is integrated with the business infrastructure to make certain that it is a part of not only means of business continuation but also becomes an important essential part of the business itself.

Just like the System Development life cycle (SDLC) and steps of creating a business, it is also necessary to go through the steps of planning, integrating and implementing the BCP. There are several integral part of BCP that need to be at the forefront of any business planning. First is the planning stage where all the essential element are come together and counted for. This is a crucial phase of choosing and protecting part of business that is essential for the business to continue. A good example would be the 2011 Tohuku earthquake and the following Tsunami that devastated Japan also killed 20% of Honda Motors business in the U.S. because the Tsunami caused production delays and also its operations in Thailand had to be shut down. That caused further dent in the world wide Honda productions and also the availability of its car models which caused Honda to lose customers to other car manufacturers. Camry on the other hand was able to balance its production and assembly to other parts of the world...
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