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Topics: Management, Project management, Management consulting Pages: 2 (418 words) Published: October 12, 2010
The core of JWD’s business is offering other organizations a worldclass consulting service on project management. Joe Fleming, the CEO, wanted his company to share some information with its current and future clients through intranet site applications to support the firm’s business goals. 2.0 Business objective

Continue to grow the business and make a big profit. To develop intranet site applications so that it can reduce internal costs by working more effectively. Therefore, they will use these metrics to measure their own performance. 3.0 Current situation and problem/opportunity statement

JWD Consulting’s main business is providing consulting services to other organizations, not developing its own intranet site applications. The opportunity is that JWD can develop an intranet to share its project management knowledge. JWD Consulting only employs experienced consultants and lets them to manage by their own ways. However, with the development of company, project managers also need to find out how to finish work effectively and efficiently. 4.0 Critical assumption and constraints

(1)It must be valuable for JWD to develop its intranet.
(2)All consultants and clients of JWD should support this project. This project must recover cost though reducing internal operation cost and creating new business in one year. (3)The new system must be supportable to existing hardware and software. 5.0 Analysis of option and recommendation

(1)Do not open this project. Keep the current business run as well as it were. (2)Buy and apply professional software to support this new function. (3)Design and develop new intranet site by themselves.

6.0 Preliminary project requirements
(1)Obtain some models and tools about project management
(2)Obtain some documents about project management
(3)Have an “Ask the Expert” feature
(4)Guarantee all consultants can use the intranet
(5)Provide some charged information
Other valuable function...
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