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Burger King: Promoting a Food Fight
1. What are Burger King’s communication objectives for its targeted audience? 2. With its focus on the “super fan” does BK risk alienating other customers? What are the implications of this? 3. Why is viral or buzz marketing effective? Analyze the design of the Subservient Chicken Web site’s message, including content, structure, and format. What can you conclude from this analysis? 4. Do the TV and viral elements of BK’s campaigns work well together? What additional elements and media might Crispin add to the integrated marketing communications campaign? 5. What other recommendations would you make to BK and Crispin to help them improve the integration of Burger King’s promotion mix? Answers:

1. Burger King’s communication objectives is to reconnect with the super fan customer, which is known to be composed of young men, in order to increase sales and make more profit. Managing to do so is the key to increase company shares value and satisfaction of the shareholders. In order to achieve this goal, Burger King plans on communicating products and promotions to customers, and to remind them that their favorite burger comes from the King.

2. Of course, focusing on a smaller targeted audience in the marketing strategies does induce a risk of alienating customers who are out of this audience. The implications is that BK will get fewer new clients that are not young males, and more young, hungry males that come more often to eat their favorite burger at BK.

3. Viral and buzz marketing are effective for several reasons, the first one being that the whole broadcasting of the marketing content will be achieved directly by the customers, or the audience, which reduces very significantly the cost of advertising, e.g. the Subservient Chicken campaign was made on a very low budget, and it has been proven to be incredibly efficient. Another important point is that the message is delivered through all the...
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