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Marketing Plan


1. What is your of business? Briefly describe the products and services you intend to offer to your perspective customers. Bodato® Burgers is impassioned to serving fresh, healthy and high-end burgers, pastas and salads. It is located in the fast-growing technology core in the country, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. Considered as one of the pioneers in the “burger bar” industry, Bodato® Burgers redefines how people perceive “fast food”. It is a burger and a bar store (hence the term “burger bar”) in the sense that its main products are burgers; it is also a bar for the simple reason that selection of beverages are presented in resemblance of a conventional bar. With its high-end product line-up, the company offers nutrition and excellence with

2. If your product is tangible, or visual, illustrate a sample of it and describe its’ specifications (e.g.) size, weight, dimensions, ingredients, brand/ product name etc.). Enumerate & justify its uses.

a. Illustrationb. Specificationsc. Uses

Beef Burger
A treat enriched with nutrients you can only find in protein-rich buns, tasty beef patty, fiber-rich lettuce, cucumber & tomato. CALORIES: 370.91 kcal PROTEIN: 28.79 g FAT: 18.93 g CARBOHYDRATES: 20.65 g

Beef Burger with Cheese
A treat enriched with nutrients you can only find in protein-rich buns, tasty beef patty, fiber-rich lettuce, cucumber & tomato.

Beef Burger De Luxe
Why not just go all out and order this sumptuous burger made with all the goodness of the beef burger with anchor cheese and chili con carne with kidney beans? This is full of iron, calcium, vitamin B1, B6, folate, and fiber for a better you.

Spicy Beef Burger
Spice up your life and stay healthy while you’re doing it with this all-new spicy beef burger! Black pepper is known to have great amounts of antioxidant properties! CALORIES: 371.89 kcal PROTEIN: 28.79 g FAT: 18.89 g CARBOHYDRATES: 20.9 g

Chicken Burger
Because you deserve the best chicken burger with 100% pure chicken patty, lettuce, cucumber & tomato. Chicken's a great source of cancer-protective B vitamin, niacin. CALORIES: 382.59 kcal PROTEIN: 35.76 g FAT: 18.39 g CARBOHYDRATES: 18.77 g

Fish Burger with Cheese
Go for a dive & savor the refreshing taste with cream dory fish fillet, cheese, TLC & mayonnaise. Fish has low fat content and high amounts of quality protein. CALORIES: 327.09 kcal PROTEIN: 12.65 g FAT: 16.31 g CARBOHYDRATES: 31.43 g

Mushroom Burger with Cheese
For the taste-searching vegetarian! Made with no meat & with the goodness of ingredients, it's truly a vegetarian’s treat. Mushrooms are known to enhance the immune system! CALORIES: 377.81 kcal PROTEIN: 22.28 g FAT: 18.17 g CARBOHYDRATES: 33.65 g


“Do you love chicken with a hint of Austrian ethnicity? Then you would surely love our Schnitzel Burger made with 100% chicken breast fillet and coleslaw rich in carrots, onions and cucumbers!” 

BURGER BENEFIT: Chicken is rich in the cancer-protective B-vitamin, niacin, which can also help protect the brain against Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Describe the existing market situation. What similar products or services exist in the market today?

Starting a hamburger restaurant is another great option when thinking of establishing a profitable business. Burgers are the number one choice of people when they are eating in a restaurant or fast food. Many people are too busy of their work to cook so their best option is eating in fast foods. Similar products like hotdog sandwiches, siopao and healthy sandwiches exist in the market today.

4. How many competitors do you have?

There are 3 competitors in existent namely:

* Big Better Burger (BBB)

Big Better Burgers has branches in SM Fairview, North Edsa Annex, Alabang Filinvest Northgate, Pergola Mall and Waltermart in Sucat, Royale Place on Commonwealth, Jupiter St. in...
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