Burberry Consumer Profile Report

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1.0 Introduction
Consumer Behaviour is the study of the processes involved when individuals or groups select, purchase, use or dispose of products, services, ideas or experiences’ Solomon, M.R (2002)p5 2.0 The Consumer

2.1 Demographic Characteristics
Characteristics of consumer markets based on demographics include differences in factors such as gender, age range, marital status, education, occupation and income level. We look at these characteristics as they are the elements of a potential customer’s life that can influence customer’s behaviour before, during and after making a purchase. The target market for Burberry’s women’s wear is typically a young professional female, aged between 25 and 30 with a high level of disposable income. The NRS Social grade states that young professionals who fall into social grades A and B earn a salary of thirty thousand pounds or more per annum (see figure 1), allowing them to have a high level of expenditure, which is supported by the graph shown in appendix A. Having an income this high would suggest that these young professionals have completed their higher education to a degree level, or even to the level of a masters or PhD (appendix B). The professionalism of Burberry’s target market is expressed through the garments they sell, with a large collection of tailored pieces on offer to cater to the consumers needs (appendix C). 2.2 Geographic Characteristics

The geographic characteristics of a consumer do not just focus on where the consumer lives, but also the type of house they live in and their neighbourhood, as well as where they shop. Having this information about the consumer will allow a further insight into the kind of lifestyle an individual has. Statistics show that the the social grade and income of an individual effects the size of the house they live in, and typically the higher social grades and incomes will have a larger property (appendices D and E). The young professionals that Burberry targets tend to own one or two bed properties (appendices D and E), suggesting that they live alone, and are therefore single, or share with somebody with whom they split the cost of rent, allowing them to have a higher level of expenditure. According to Acorn, the young professionals that Burberry target ‘…generally own flats in major towns and cities’ that ‘…have been built recently and are more usually found in urban locations, particularly London’ (Acorn, 2014: online). Living in these areas would suggest that there is easy access to a variety of different shops and facilities allowing them to fit their shopping in around work and other commitments without it being an inconvenience. 2.3 Personality and Lifestyle Characteristics

This category contains characteristics that are much more personal than those mentioned in sections 2.1 and 2.2, such as music tastes, type/number of cars and stage in lifestyle. Companies will look at these characteristics to help them gain an even better idea of their target consumer’s lifestyle, and therefore be able to market and advertise their products more effectively. Using the information stated in section 2.1 we can tell that because they live in major towns and cities, those in Burberry’s target market do not tend to own a car (appendix F), again allowing them to have extra money to spend on Burberry products, as they do not have to spend it on car insurance, tax and petrol. Living alone in a city without a car suggests that the consumer could be considered as being in the bachelor/peacock or early nester stage of their lifestyle, meaning that they are single or have just begun living with a partner and do not have any children, again giving them a higher level of disposable income. Burberry’s official website has a webpage titled ‘acoustic’, where customers can go to listen to the music of ‘…young British bands that Burberry believes in.’ (A, Pilkington. 2010: online). This type of music is slow and relaxed, similar to that of the music...
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