Bumper Sticker Analysis

Topics: Unemployment, Responsibility, Minimum wage Pages: 3 (977 words) Published: June 22, 2013

I find this bumper sticker to be offensive because it is speaking to the blue collared workers but there are also people who work extremely hard but still are on welfare. This shows poor understand in on the reason for earning money and people on welfare. This bumper sticker would be more accurate if it said corporate welfare depends on you.

Opponents of welfare argue against welfare on numerous grounds. There are those who think welfare has gone too far because it is very expensive, reduces incentivesfor economic initiative, counterproductive, depresses general economic growth and may cause an unsustainable debt burden. Generally it can be boiled down to the simple idea that welfare is economically inefficient.

One argument against welfare is that it take away incentive of the unemployed or, otherwise the unfortunate, to get back on their feet again. Instead of seeking employment the individual will look forward to receiving benefit checks. Such a system not only leads to the satisfactory of subsidized idleness but it also places an unfair burden on workers who must pay the program. According to the Health Care Pro Con website, their argument is that the constitution promises “life , liberty and the pursuit of happiness including access to health care and other services is contingent on the individuals pursuit of it by his hard work, and not guaranteed insurance and or a welfare check according to this philosophy. Indeed, one of this worldviews tenets is that hardworking individuals should not be forced to take financialaccountability for those who does not take responsibility for themselves. A con of welfare says that society should hold the individual responsible for their own actions and their consequences. If the action results in the drop of their wellbeing that should be a personal responsibility and they should take the brunt of the repercussions. “if society is responsible for everything then no one is personally responsible for anything,...
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