Bullying As A Social Issue

Topics: Aggression, Bullying, Abuse Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: April 20, 2015
Bullying as a social issue
Bullying is among the primary reasons for why many develop mental disorders in the society today. The number of children and teenagers who are bullied have increased heavily in the last ten years. Why is bullying seen as a social issue? What is the result of bullying? Is it at all possible to stop bullying? Accordingly, how can we prevent this issue? In this paper, I am going to look into these questions. In the movie “Oliver twist”, is the main character, Oliver an orphan 9 years old boy who l What does bullying actually involve?

Bullying is repeated physical or psychological aggressive behaviour by a person or a group towards a less powerful person or group. This behaviour exists in many different forms. Some people are bullied verbally. That implies name-calling or jokes. Other forms for bullying are for instance violence, including beating and harassment. Bullying online or via mobile phone, and discrimination where people are treated differently because of their identity and ethnicity- are other types of bullying. Factors that cause bullying are for instance anger, difficulties at home, lack of attention from friends and family or requirement for excitement. A question that disturb social scientists is; why do people bully? The question is difficult to answer, however, we can simply say that the reason behind why people bully are anger, difficulty at home, lack of attention from friends and family or requirement for excitement. The impact of being bullied:

This issue can affect everyone- those who are bullied, those who bully and those who witness bullying. Suicide, self-harming and drug abuse are all results of bullying. However, bullied persons are the most exposed for the worst negative outcomes. Before exanimating the bullying issue,

Suicide, self-harming and drug abuse can be a result of being bullied. Bullying is increasingly seen as an issue in the society today.

Anger, difficulties at...
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