Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Psychological abuse Pages: 2 (666 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Student 1 Mikayla Student Mrs. Arnold Language Arts, Period 3 19 January 2011 Bullies Are Criminals Bullying is a constant problem in schools today. It starts with annoying comments, but escalates to more severe matters. We’ve seen it happen, and a lot of us know how it feels. None of us like it. People might say they are just ignorant kids, but bullies truly are criminals, stealing self-esteem and at times ending lives. First of all, bullying is a crime, because of the serious effects it can have on an individual. “And, once robbed of their self-esteem they can suffer from mental and physical problems, drop out of school and even commit suicide.” (Dimond 1) “Many adults still get teary recalling their humiliating days at the hands of the class bully, mainly because bullies don’t operate alone. They pick up sycophantic disciples along the way and that multiplies the victim’s pain.” (Dimond 2) The old saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me?” (Steiny 2) isn’t necessarily true; words hurt. Maybe not physically, but when kids already have insecurities, bullies don’t help. They build on those insecurities and insult the different qualities of kids. No one likes the way insults feel, and this is why bullies are criminals and deserve more severe consequences. Secondly, bullying can end in a tragic death. Though it does not happen often, it has happened. The usual event is suicide of the victim, or a violent act by the bully that may end in murder. For example, “15 year old Phoebe Prince hung herself after being harassed by classmates who threw cans at her before speeding off.” (Scholastic Scope 1) Phoebe had been

Student 2 bullied for almost three months before this occurred. There is also teenager Larry King who was shot in the head in front of a teacher and a whole classroom full of students. (Dimond 2) These horrible events can start for many reasons including jealousy, gender bias, or racism; it just isn’t right. Bullies are...

Cited: “Are Bullies Criminals?” Scholastic Scope 6 Sept. 2010: 18 Print. Dimond, Diane. “Today’s Bullies – Tomorrow’s Criminals?” Official Site of Diane Dimond. Hudson Moon Productions, 23 Aug. 2008, Web. 14 Jan. 2011. . Steiny, Julia. “Psychologist Warns Against Turning Bullies Into Criminals.” Projo. The Providence Journal Companies, 27 July 2008, Web. 12Jan. 2011. .
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