Topics: Evolution, Creationism, Intelligent design Pages: 1 (603 words) Published: November 1, 2014

Bumiller Explains while Fullam Argues
In communication, factual statements are used to back up definitive assertions. These statements can be based on observation and proven facts that can support assertions and ideas. During a conversation, it depends on how a person is going to give a response on certain topic in which may include reasoning. Reasoning can be classified as an argument and explanation. An argument is persuasive and seeks to make people understand that something is true, whereas explanation starts with the assumption of truthfulness and tells why or how the statement has come into existence. In this case, the two articles written by Bumiller and Fullam show a clear distinction between an argument and explanation. Elizabeth Bumiller’s article, “Bush Remarks Roil Debate over Teaching of Evolution”, is an explanation while Lisa Fullam’s article, “Of God and the Case for Unintelligent Design”, is an argument. Elizabeth Bumiller’s article, “Bush Remarks Roil Debate over Teaching of Evolution”, is an explanation as she stated both sides of the story regarding the evolution and intelligent creation. She highlights the points of each theory, without taking a clear stance on the subject topic. Bumiller uses both quotations from the debate and incidences to deliver what was said without taking a side in the debatable subject of evolution. Bumiller introduces her opening paragraph by addressing the “debate between scientists and religious conservatives”, which gives the reader an idea that she is going to talk about what happened in the debate. In paragraph three, she presents the two positions by stating that the Christian supporters agree with former President Bush’s remarks while the scientists believe that the church and state should be separated. Bumiller presents the two sides without giving any specific reasons and details because her purpose is just to state the actual thoughts of both positions. In paragraph four and five, she backs up the...
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