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What can people do when they face bulimics in life?
Ye Xi (Connie)
November. 29. 2013

What can people do when they face bulimics in life?
What is bulimia? Bulimia is a seriously, potentially life-threatening eating disorder that bulimics may secretly binge. It happens when people eat large amounts of food and then purge, trying to get rid of the extra calories in an unhealthy way. Teenagers are at a high risk of bulimia. Young people are always preoccupied with their weight and body shape, and may judge themselves severely and harshly for their self-perceived flaws. It is related to self-image and not just about food. Therefore, bulimia can be difficult to overcome. First of all, people should have a general cognition for Bulimia. Bulimia is a complex disease. It can be courted as a psychological disorder, and a physical disorder as well. Sometimes the symptoms of Bulimia are very subjective. For example, many patients are too concerned with their shapes and fear gaining weight; many patients also worry about what they can not control, for example their eating behavior, and impose too much exercise to lose weight. Sometimes the symptoms of Bulimia are very apparent, such as eating abnormally large mount of food. Generally, there are two kinds of Bulimia. The first one is Purging Bulimia. This kind of Bulimia includes self-induced vomiting and laxatives after bingeing. The other one is Non-puring Bulimia, which includes using other methods, such as over exercise and abnormal dieting, to prevent weight gain. Although the main reason for Bulimia has been unknown, some causes probably can attribute to Bulimia. In a biological way, Bulimia can be induced by some physical problems, like lacking of some important enzymes or curves of genes. Emotional health is also a very important attributing factor for Bulimia. Societal expectations also can increase the possibility of Bulimia. Moreover,...
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