Building a sand castle

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Building a Sand Castle
For young and old people alike, a trip to the beach may mean something different such as relaxation, adventure, or a temporary escape from ordinary life. Whether it may be swimming or just snoozing in the sand, a visit to the beach means family fun. Families like to build sand castles, and making one can be fun with the right tools. The only equipment you will need is your family, a twelve to thirteen-inch deep pail, a small plastic shovel, a stick, and plenty of moist sand. Before building the perfect sand castle, you need to keep in mind a few tips. Building a sand castle might seem like its easy, but it requires a few steps before starting it. First, you need to plan and make sure you have enough time in order to build a perfect sand castle. The time will vary depending on the size and complexity of your castle. You will need enough time before the high tides rise and wash away your castle. Then, make sure you choose an isolated spot to build it, or your masterpiece might become a trampled victim of children or beach bums. After keeping these tips in mind, you can begin building your sand castle. Begin by digging up sand, enough to fill your pail at least six times. Then dump the sand on the spot you have chosen. You will repeat this process at least six times or until you have a big pile of sand on the location you have chosen. Now, scoop the sand back into your pail, filling it all the way to the top. Begin to pat down the sand to make sure it is very compact. Once the sand is very compacted, level it off at the rim as you are patting it down. Once you have finished filling-up your pail and patting it down, you can now begin to construct the towers of your castle. You can construct the towers by placing one pail-full of sand after another, face down on the area of the beach that you have staked out for your family's castle. Make four more towers, placing each mound approximately twelve inches apart in a square. Once you have...
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