Building a Local Fashion Brand

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Executive Summary

This report is prepared on the basis of a survey on a local fashion brand (Deshi Dosh), & it’s a survey to building this brand as a strong brand.

The concept of branding has been around for centuries as a means to distinguish the goods of one producer from those of another. In fact the word brand is derived from the Old Norse word brander, which means “to burn,” as brands were and still are the means. Brands identify the source or maker of a product and allow consumers to assign responsibility to a particular manufacturer or distributor. Most important, brands take on special meaning to consumers. Because of past experiences with the product and its marketing program over these years, consumers find out which brands satisfy their needs and which one do not. As a result, brands provide a shortened device or means of simplification for their product decisions.

Building a brand is a step by step process. There are four steps or six blocks to build up a brand. Here we applied all the steps or blocks to find out the present brand situation of Deshi Dosh. In order of these steps or blocks we made a questioner of 69 questions & held a survey on 50 people. After the survey we convert the result into percentage and put it into graph to show the situation.

The topic has been selected to building some local fashion brands (deshi Dosh). A major objective of the report is to make customer based equity for these brands. After studying the steps of a brand building, we surveyed the information of these brands, on the basis of brand building.


1.1 . Introduction:
To build up a brand two questions often arises: What makes a brand strong? And how do you build a strong brand? To help to find out we study about the CBBE model which has four steps or six blocks. Beside this marketer face two questions are: What do different brands mean to customer? And how does the brand knowledge of consumers affect their response to marketing activity? The challenge for marketers in building a strong brand is ensuring that customers have the right type of experiences with products and services and their accompanying marketing programs so that the desired thoughts, feelings, images, beliefs, perceptions, opinions, and so on become linked to the brand.

1.2. Origin of the report:
Brand is a very sensitive issue to the marketing people and is a very important issue to the customer. Because a strong brand can create a very highly demand of a product of a particular brand. To build up a strong brand one should to know so many things, & he/she have to go with a four step procedures. And in this report we tried to focus on building a brand as a strong brand for that we select a local fashion brand.

1.3. Objectives of the study:
We make a study to know the Brand identity, meaning, response, relationship with the customers. We tried to know that is the customers are satisfied, dissatisfied, confused about the brand, its service, products and the overall factors. The core or the main objective of the study is to building a local fashion brand. To find the problems, and scope of a local fashion brand & build it as a strong brand.

1.4. Methodology:
We make a survey on Deshi Dosh, which is a local fashion brand with ten famous local fashion brands. We make a questioner consisting 69 questions, on the basis of brand building in categories. Then take a sample of 50 people of different age, gender, & occupation who use these brands. After getting the answers, we measured the level of satisfaction, dissatisfaction, confusion on different level of brand building. 1.5. Limitations of the study:

We are in our formal education stage. So this is our first assignment which is on the basis of the practical experience in real life. So, our lack of experience greatly influenced in preparing this report....
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