BSHS 355 Week 2 Family Of Woodstock

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Week 2 Family of Woodstock
Danielle Alberty
University Of Phoenix
BSHS 355

The family of Woodstock Inc. was placed for those who were in need, knowing the services that are provided for everyone is a plus when dealing with the needs of individuals. Having the experience with dealing with people as well as having the passion to help those in need, I know that a legacy of greatness will continue to increase when having the right individuals in the right placed with the correct amount of funding. (A helping hand. (2009). British Dental Journal, 206(1), 48.)
The 115-mile distance all the way to Woodstock Festival played a significant role in the foundation of the Woodstock family, the concept of a carefree life with minimal worries appealed to a good number of people and making a special place for those who needed it. The Camps were set up in parks by young people who did not bring anything more than the clothes on their backs and no food in their stomachs. Many people in the community like Gail Varsi offered a means of communicating as well as their homes to help the young to avoid getting arrested of murdered. These simple acts of kindness helped in the foundation of the Family of Woodstock. (Burger, W. R. (2011). Human services in contemporary America (8th ed.). Belmont, CA:) Today, many people have volunteered to keep this legacy ongoing, the organization was set up to provide support for the people who attend the festival those especial the ones who needed: shelter, food, clothing, mental help and those who had mental health issues. The personnel are trained not to judge people or to tell them what they can do but, their jobs were to listen to what people say and give advice on what they can do and how they can give a helping hand. Workers also were to direct people to groups that may help them or provide necessary alternatives. The organization is currently leading the drive to deal with vagrancy, spousal abuse, and emergency

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