EDC Vegas

Topics: Debut albums, Roller coaster, Carnival Pages: 2 (509 words) Published: December 5, 2013
Martinez, Kimberly
Ms. Shaw
Eng. 121
October 29, 2013
Electrical Daisy Carnival
Have you heard of Electrical Daisy Carnival? Well, to many people this is an experience that they will never forget, to others they attend annually. You might have heard of it as EDC Vegas. Electrical Daisy Carnival is a three day summer event. You must be eighteen years old to be able to attend this event. There are up to two hundred and fifty-two disc jockeys and artists. This event is not just in Vegas it’s in London, Puerto Rico, Orlando, New York and Chicago. A week before the event I was at home and I received a phone call from my guy best friend. I answered and he was yelling “We’re going to EDC Vegas. Get your stuff ready!”. A day before the Electrical Daisy Carnival we drove all day just to get there, taking turns. We were so excited, playing Electrical Dance Music, and jumping in the car like we were kangaroos. We got to the hotel, went to our room, left our stuff, and then went out to explore Vegas for a little before the event, which was the next day. We were so anxious that night before the event, we could not sleep we were up till three in the morning. We fell asleep, woke up the next day almost at one in the afternoon. We got ready and left our room to go get something to eat and just hang out before the event started. Looked at the time and it was six pm and the first event started at seven thirty, so it was time for us to get ready and headed out for the event. We got there and we were so hyped and excited. People from different cities, and states come down just for this event. There are six stages, dozens of rides, and a full gallery’s worth of art, cool off zones, vendors, food and beverages. We were surrounded by the smell of popcorn and cotton candy. It felt like the carnival you liked to go to as a kid. Everywhere we went there were people dressed like rainbows. Everybody was dressed in so many colors, and dressed like clowns, with different costumes. The...
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