Brussels and Bradshaw Case Study

Topics: Psychology, Operant conditioning, Management Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: July 15, 2012
BA 590 Organizational Behavior
Assignment 3, Brussels and Bradshaw Case Study
Sheldon Sukut
Grantham University

This case study was a unique insight into how internships are conducted at Brussels and Bradshaw (B&B). It covered almost every issue discussed up to this point in the text and how it could be done wrong. While this may be an exceptional case, at least some of these behaviors are prevalent throughout the business community. Identifying and finding solutions is the key in correcting attitudes and behaviors which are detrimental to success.

It is clear that B&B worked under the operant conditioning theory first and foremost, simply because of the way that interns were treated is how they were expected to work once offered a position with the firm. There is task perception by managers, vp’s and senior associates that all junior interns needed to work long hours to be successful at B&B. Ms. Locke applied social learning theory when she realized bringing up the false deadlines did little to resolve the situation. Also, she found that the tasks were easy for her to accomplish and felt she was good at her work. Ms. Locke exhibited many of the personality traits necessary for this job, conscientiousness, agreeableness and openness. Considering the conditions she worked under, she displayed emotional stability while being constantly berated by Petterson.

In the Toronto office, there a perception of discrimination particularly against females by some of the other associates and vice president. This was apparent first when the Page and Locke were labeled “sorority girls” and then when mentioned that Petterson had had the same problems with Page as he was having with Locke. This brings to light the need for B&B to have a better Human Resource Management function to allow employees to work through discrimination and diversity issues.

Ms. Locke has the internal desire for the need for achievement; this is...
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