Organizational Theory and Behavior

Topics: Gender, Organization, Employment Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: June 11, 2008
Organizational Theory and Behavior
Homework #3
October 9, 2007

What advancement barriers did Lisa encounter?
Although Lisa Weber was a highly qualified, ambitious analyst for the firm, she never had a chance for advancement because of that glass ceiling. The idea of becoming a partner was always visible, but never attainable because of the various obstacles she had to face. The same obstacles most women face when trying to climb the corporate ladder. Several barriers stood in Lisa’s path of becoming a partner. One such barrier was the fact that even though her credentials, commendations, and work ethic were extremely high, she was never respected by the CEO, Michael Breyer, as someone who deserved to be on an executive level. His view of women as being inferior to men and lacking the ability to make executive decisions was blatant and carried over into every aspect of the way he ran the company. The fact that most of her peers and several of the firms’ partners sought her opinion on market performance and financial projections on a daily basis should have been sufficient enough proof that she was partner material. But it wasn’t. She was constantly passed over for promotion because of the notion that women are inferior to men and cannot make executive decisions the way a man could.

What should the firm’s top executives, including Michael Breyer, have done differently to retain Lisa?
The first thing that Michael Breyer should have done was show her more respect than he did. He also should have realized that she was an asset to the company with tremendous vision, a great work ethic, and was vastly knowledgeable to the inner workings of the industry. The other top executives knew that she was more than qualified to become partner, but said nothing when she was constantly berated by Breyer in company meetings. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is stand up for someone; especially when it contradicts the beliefs of important figures within the company such...
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